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Most awaited 25 electric vehicles coming in 2022

The following is a list of 25 most awaited electric vehicles expected to come in 2022. 1. Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro   A British sports car that will be the most powerful street-legal production vehicle ever created by the company with 1,160 bhp power output from Cosworth-built V12...
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Which is the best electric car in India?

What best electric car in India means is that the car is not only best in performance but also best of its kind available. The best of breed, best of class or best of variety are some of the terms used for this type of designation. Since cars are...
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How to buy the right electric car for yourself?

New technology is always a bit difficult to get used to. It’s almost as if the younger generation has a genetic predisposition towards it and just instinctively knows what to do, while older people can be a little slow on the uptake. However, buying an electric car is something...
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