How to earn money online? Billionaire’s answer!


Hey guys, I was looking at my website statistics today and realized that more people are looking into how to earn money online than any other topic. So I decided to write this article about all of the ways on how to earn money online . But before we begin, let’s talk about what it takes first. What do you need?

       Ok so first things first… You need the following:

Computer with internet connection An online bank account (or 2) A way to accept payments online (paypal etc…) An email account Good writing skills

The above five items are essential if you want to earn an income working from home and/or if you want to start a business and become self-employed. Most people already have all five of them, but I know there’s a lot of people out there that don’t. So let me just briefly go over each one and what it takes to get them:

Requirements to make money online :

                1. Computer with internet connection

It would be preferable to have a laptop, but the truth is most people like myself like to work from their computer (desktop) while watching T.V., so if you want to work while you watch your favorite shows then all you need is a good desktop computer. Laptops are always nice because they can be taken anywhere and used pretty much anywhere… But for this post we’re going to talk about building a website and earning an income online, not running a and working from home… So henceforth we’ll be talking about the computer you’re currently using and its internet connection.

                2. An online bank account (or 2)

banks these days offer free checking and savings accounts to their customers and chances are if you go into a bank that’s close where you live or work then they will most likely offer you an account… But if your like me and don’t want to drive all over town looking for a bank, there are plenty of banks online now; such as Capital One 360 (they even have an app on android/apple), ING Direct, Fidelity Bank, Ally Bank etc… You can do your banking from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access! Which brings us to the next item…

3. A way to receive payments online

This can be PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon Payments etc… If you’re going to run a business and/or need a way for people to pay you then you’ll need an account that can accept credit card and or debit card payments from your customers. The most popular of these services is PayPal because it’s free and easy to use! All new users get $10.00 added to their accounts when they sign up so there’s literally no risk at all getting started with them! You can find out more information on how to set up a new account by visiting  the following link: How do I create a Paypal Account?

                4. An email account

Most people have this already, but if your like me and don’t want to check an email account you already have then most banks offer free checking accounts with a free email address that goes with it! Also, there are tons of sites on the internet where you can get a free email account… I recommend Gmail or Yahoo Mail because they’re both reliable and easy to use. Chances are if you’re reading this article from home you either have one of these two accounts already or at least know how to sign up for one!

                5. Good writing skills

If your thinking “oh no not another thing I need to be good at!” Then try thinking about it in a different way… Good writing is an essential skill when it comes to the internet! If you have good writing skills I’m talking about being able to express your thoughts with proper punctuation, spelling, grammar etc… then just know that’s an advantage over most people… I try my best to keep my grammar in check but sometimes things get away from me when Im trying to write fast or on a deadline… So yes having good writing skills is essential if you want to make money online!

                Other than basic computer knowledge and knowing how to use programs like Microsoft Word (or similar word processing software) there isn’t really any other “tools” needed for this post. Just like anything else it takes work, determination, patience and of course luck… You can earn more money faster if your doing it right, but you can earn money online slow or very slow if your doing it wrong. The most important thing for beginners is to keep at it! If something doesn’t work then move on to the next option… There are dozens of avenues to take when looking for a way to make money online, so give them all a chance and see what sticks.

                Having good writing skills is essential because you can write articles on websites like Associated Content (or Yahoo Voices) and get paid per article… Some people also write eBooks which they sell on Amazon’s Kindle store, some have their books published on Lulu, Smashwords etc… I’m not going to go into detail about how these different options work or what you need to do because that would require writing an entire book of my own! So if you’re interested in learning more about how to make money online by way of writing then I recommend you purchase a copy of this book here or visit the official site for this blog for more info about me and what Im trying to accomplish with this website.

                6. A PayPal account

This is essential for receiving payments from anyone, anywhere in the world! The only thing is there are different levels of accounts… Personal, Premier etc… The cheapest option is Personal but your monthly transactions have a cap on them unless you upgrade which costs $30 bucks every month at the very minimum depending on your monthly volume.

                7. A MailChimp account

This is a website where you can sign up and create email lists of people who have subscribed to your list of emails… So if you plan on writing a blog or a newsletter this would be the place to do that. You get up to 2,000 subscribers for free then after that its $30 bucks a month which I think is pretty cheap. The only thing with MailChimp is you would need an autoresponder service like aweber or getresponse too because each time someone subscribes you send them an email that they confirm their subscription and then Mailchimp sends them another welcome message etc… It just saves time because if your like me then your not always near your computer so when someone subscribes it would be nice to have your autoresponder send them the automated welcome message and not me!

                8. A GOOD domain name

I HIGHLY recommend you purchase a good .com domain since those are definitely the most valuable ones out there… You can register a FREE one on sites like, but it will be just that -FREE- so dont expect much from it! The only benefits to using free domains is if your running an eCommerce site then you can use their subdomain plus have full access to modify every setting on their control panel, but with any other type of website there isn’t really any point to using a free domain unless its for some type of temporary event… Like maybe for a sale, or during the holidays etc…

                9. A website

This is probably what your here for because if you’re reading this then you must be trying to find out how to make money online. You can sell anything through your site like services or products – all that really matters is that you have an actual presence on the internet! Most people who are looking to buy stuff go to Google and type in whatever it is they want so having a site makes it easier for them to find you… Even if its not eCommerce related there still flexible because anyone can write articles about their favorite topics and post them on their own website via WordPress (like I do) or other CMS systems available. LOL @ calling it CMS “System” because people take that shit too seriously! The point is, anything goes as long as it benefits both parties involved.

                Now for the most common question I get asked… “How much do you charge”? My response always has something to do with how I dont really have a set fee or any type of set rate for my service… And thats because every site is different so what may work for one person may not work for me which is why I always suggest contacting me via email instead of over the phone to see if we are compatible first before just jumping into details. So go ahead and email me here – stark – tell me about your website project together with an overview of your business including:

What is the purpose of your site?

Is this for yourself or a client?

How much did you want to invest in this project? (amount and timeframe)

When do you need to have it finished by?

Do you already have everything written or ready to go? If not, what type of content do you need me to create for you including: -Text Content / Copywriting -Video Scripts -Video Recording (if needed) -Photos (if needed) -Audio Recordings ( if needed ) What other services are included such as hosting or SEO? IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HIRING ME TO BUILD YOUR WEBSITE THEN EMAIL ME TODAY AT

                So if your considering getting into affiliate marketing then its only natural that your wondering how others are making money online… There are many ways, but here are 3 proven methods that will work effectively as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort required to make it work… First off though, if your new to affiliate marketing then I suggest not trying anything before first reading through my eBook The Affiliate Marketing Survival Guide which includes 9 chapters filled with information including:

-What is affiliate marketing? -Choosing the right niche market -How to build a website to promote your products -Setting up your website for success! PPC Vs SEO Vs Social Media Marketing (Which one should you start with?)

                The step by step process of making money online without spending any money -Creating an offer that sells like hot cakes! ( How To Select A Product )

-Finding Relevant Affiliate Offers With Little Competition! ( Picking The Right affiliate Products )

             Getting started really isn’t all that hard, but staying consistent and following through is what separates those who make it from those who don’t make anything at all which is why I suggest reading my eBook first! No worries though, if your too busy then simply click on any of the links provided in this section to go straight to my eBook’s website where you can learn more about it and order an autographed copy which I will personally sign for you…

                To get started all you need is a computer with internet access which most people already have. And unlike other money making opportunities online affiliate marketing actually has many benefits including: -Being your own boss -Having the ability to work from home or anywhere with internet access -Your not trading hours for dollars because being an affiliate marketer doesn’t require that you clock in or out every day -You are free to use whatever resources available to promote your offers effectively including different advertising channels such as PPC, social media marketing, or banner ads -And if your interested in learning how to make more money then you can always promote higher ticket offers (I do at times)

                Getting started is easy but growing your business requires outside help because there are millions of other affiliates online competing for the same traffic which is why its important to continually learn new techniques and strategies including: -Updating your website regularly -Use different advertising channels effectively (i.e pay per click vs free social media sites like face book) -Drive targeted traffic to your website (which means learning things like seo or video marketing)

                 If you think that affiliate marketing just isn’t for people then think again… Because anyone who has act together enough to purchase an internet ready computer and pays for their monthly internet service can start making money as an affiliate marketer… And many do! I know one who makes over $50,000 a month and he’s only 21 years old… But not everyone is going to have his success. In fact most won’t… Because affiliate marketing takes work just like any other business, but because you are your own boss you can work as little or as much as you want depending on how much time your willing to invest in it each day..

                If your interested in learning more about affiliate marketing then there are several places online where you can visit to learn more about it including: -The best place to get started with affiliate marketing is at Wealthy Affiliate. There are regular webinars that you can attend to learn more about affiliate marketing -Another good place is Warrior Forum because there are several different threads where people discuss things like adwords, blogging, and seo -And if your interested in learning how to make money using other methods then check out this blog post  

                If you have any questions or need help with anything please feel free to leave a comment below…

Right Traffic )

             Traffic is everything, and if you want to make money as an affiliate marketer then your going to need it… Especially the targeted type that leads to conversions not just people who lack interest or don’t find anything on your website that interests them and they leave right away… This means learning how to drive consistent traffic which most people do by using either free social media sites like facebook and myspace or by using PPC advertising such as adwords …

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