Best 6 Gb Ram Phones in India

Smartphones in the modern era have created a sensation with their mesmerizing design, impeccable build quality, stunning features, and powerful processors. A blend of all these traits makes a phone stand out among a variety of products. With massive storage capacities, these phones boast similar storages as some of the entry level laptops. Thus, Smartphones are now equipped with versatile proficiencies that can put cameras, laptops, and even led’s to shame! With astonishing features and cutting edge graphics, modern smartphones are must have for anyone who wishes for an all round product at extremely reasonable prices. 

Therefore, below are mentioned some of the most incredible 6 GB RAM phones in India that are extremely distinct from each other, but all of them are capable of giving jaw_dropping performance from the concerned output. There is no specific price width while considering these phones, and they may vary from the budget of different needs. Thus, any person can prefer the phone of his/her choice compatible with the affordability of the phone.

  1. ONE PLUS 7 Pro ( 6GB RAM, 128GB storage)
  • Operating system- Android 9 Pie OxygenOS
  • Item Weight- 204 grams.
  • Item Model Number- GM1911
  • Processor-  Snapdragon 855 Octa-core 

One plus is well renowned all over the world for it’s the best value for money products. The features which can make the flagship products from other brands run for their money are available at a pretty reasonable price. This sleek and bold phone is aesthetically pleasing, which is quite essential in this generation of smartphones. Slightly curved edges and amazing mirror grey finish makes it a stunning phone from the One Plus family.

The three sets of cameras are quite sophisticated and effective, as well. The rear 48 MP camera along with Ultrawide and telephoto lens of 16 MP and 8MP, respectively, gives picture-perfect quality. The Front Pop up camera of 16 MP proficiency is capable of giving amazing pictures in adverse conditions as well. A massive 6.67-inch display is embedded with exquisite graphics as well

The Snapdragon 855 octa-core processor is capable of churning out rapid functions without any hassles. The phone does experience a bit of heat in extensive use, but overall it is a massive prospect in this price range. This phone is ideal for high resolution gaming, HD videos, and surfing the internet as well. This phone is pretty light as well at just 204 grams, which makes it pretty handy as well.

A long lasting 4000Mah battery would certainly eliminate the awkward practice of charging the phone again and again.


  • Massive storage capacity for hassle free use.
  • The aesthetic design looks stunning.
  • The versatile three-camera setup gives the best quality of pictures.
  • Durable battery life.
  • Sooth and powerful Snapdragon 855 Processor.


  • Lacks premium build quality 
  • May heat in extensive use.
  1. Samsung Galaxy M30s (6GB Ram, 128GB Storage)
  • Operating system- Android V9.0 pie
  • Item Weight- 186 grams.
  • Item Model Number- SM-M307FZWGINS
  • Processor-  Exynos 9611 Octa-core

This stylish phone from the Korean phone maker is creating a sensation in the Indian market. With so many features and advanced technologies available under 20 K, this makes the Samsung M30 a value for money offering. Stunning Super Amoled Display looks sleek and premium, as well. This product possesses the styling bits of it’s elder siblings from Samsung family. Thus, All the android enthusiasts have rated this phone extremely well.

This phone boasts a massive presence with its 6.4 inch AMOLED display, which is ideal for gaming and watching HD videos.

This phone has pretty decent camera specifications as well, with three camera rear design of 48 MP, 8MP, and 5MP proficiencies, respectively.  The front camera also functions well in any condition possible. FHD touchscreen makes it quite smooth to operate the phone, and captivating graphics of the phone are stunning at such an affordable price.

Samsung M30 runs on the Android V9.0 Pie platform, which is a tried and tested operating system for better efficiency. The Exynos 9611 Octa-core processor performs extremely fast, even while simultaneously operating many huge apps. The reliability of Samsung phones is well renowned all over the world.

This phone flaunts one of the finest batteries in this price range, and a massive 6000maH lithium battery can certainly last you two days without having to charge again. With Video capabilities like 4K recording, Super steady, and Hyper lapse. This phone has it all to make it to the list of best phones in 6GB RAM proficiency.


  • The stunning picture quality of three-set cameras.
  • Reliable Exynos 9611 processor.
  • A massive battery of 6000maH is installed.
  • Stunning Video features like Hyper Lapse and 4K recording.
  • Extremely affordable with amazing features.


  • The camera doesn’t function well at night.
  • No fingerprint sensor on the screen.
  1. Huawei Mate 20 Pro LYA-L29 ( 6Gb RAM)
  • Operating system- Android Pie V9 + EMUI v9.0.0
  • Item Weight- 191 grams.
  • Item Model Number- LYA-L29
  • Processor-  AI Chipset Kirin 980.

This stunning phone from the closet of the Huawei is a powerhouse in all the departments. Slightly on the expensive side, this phone boasts massive features, which makes all the money spent on it worth it. The three-set camera setup is amazing in all senses with abilities like 3D depth sensing and Leica Macro shots. All these stunning features give the most impeccable results one could ever ask for in a 6 GB phone. Ultra-wide angle lens and telephoto lens extracts the best output of even an ordinary picture. 

Huawei Mate 20 Pro flaunts an aesthetic design that turns heads and rightly so. An exclusive Glass body with stunning symmetry and patterns oozes class and boldness. A 6.39 inch OLED screen is designed with precision and accuracy. This phone is a perfect phone for those who are looking for stunning features of the high end phones but doesn’t want to spend close to 1 lakh rupees. This phone is the best example of why Huawei has generated so many sales in the past few years. The in-screen Sensor is quite rapid and responsive, as well. To capture astonishing videos, real time HDR and 21:9 ratio makes all your memories a moment to savor.

The Kirin 980 chipset is amongst the most advanced and refined processors in the market. With revolutionary 7nm AI, this phone steamrolls all other phones in this price range. Enhanced power delivery and reliable productivity make this phone a must buy. A 4200 maH lithium battery adds to the already powerful armory of this phone.


  • Powerful Kirin 980 processor is amongst the elite standards.
  • The stunning camera features like 3D depth sensors and Leica Macro shots.
  • The durable battery of 4200maH is a massive prospect.
  • Stunning glass body with a curved OLED display.
  • Extremely fast charging.


  • Expensive than other rival’s phones.
  • Might show some glue gate issue after terrible falls.
  1. Honor 8X (6GB RAM, 128 GB storage)
  • Operating system- Android Oreo EMUI 8.2
  • Item Weight- 177 grams.
  • Item Model Number- JSN-L42
  • Processor-  Kirin 710 octa-core

Honor has certainly kept a decent hold in the Indian market for quite some time now. There stunning products with extremely reasonable price tags makes them perfect for selling in India. One such classic phone from the closet of Honor is the 8X. This 6.5-inch display phone looks stunning with the borderless display. With exclusive TUV Rheinland mode, this phone gives soothing and calm effect to the user. The stunning Glass body rear gives a spectacular appeal to this phone, which is drool-worthy! The visual grating effect gives an elegant and bold touch to the aesthetics of this phone. A 15 layer design feels premium from every bit, thus elaborating the beautiful black and blue shades appropriately.

An astonishing 91% ration of screen and body gives a perfect visual treat to the user when capturing picturesque locations. Thus, other than the space occupied by a notch, the screen flaps all over the front surface. This stunning wide bezel display also enhances the jaw-dropping gaming efficiencies. With stunning GPU turbo, the graphics of the phone boosts the activities like premium gaming and watching HD movies to a whole new level. A significant 60% power efficiency is increased through the highly compatible  GPU Turbo.

Honor 8X does lack the three-camera setup, but its dual 20 MP camera is not average by any means. The camera quality is enhanced by many majestic capabilities such as object recognition and optimized settings. Incredible front camera with light fusion assistance and capability od Super slow-motion videos gives amazing results. Kirin 710 octa-core processor is pretty decent in carrying out decent performance of the software. This phone is also equipped with a 3750maH battery with a power consumption feature for durable use.


  • The stunning Glass body looks premium.
  • The borderless display gives the impeccable quality of videos.
  • GPU turbo-boosts the graphic proficiency of Games and Hd videos.
  • A durable 3750maH battery for hassle free use.
  • Vast video capturing features like super Slow motion.


  • It doesn’t have a three-camera setup as in other rival phones.
  • Poor Quality of the camera in Night.
  1. Oppo F11 Pro Avengers Limited edition ( 6 GB RAM)
  • Operating system- ColorOS v6.0
  • Item Weight- 191 grams.
  • Item Model Number- CPH1969
  • Processor-  Helio P70 Octa-core

This exclusively designed phone looks mesmerizing from every bit of it. Oppo F11 Pro has received massive buzz on the internet due to the Avenger-theme rear design, which is massively praised by the iconic movie’s enthusiasts. A flawless 48MP+5MP camera setup performs various functions like time-lapse, panorama, and portrait, as well.  The picture quality of this phone certainly matches the higher-end phones. Image sensors precisely portray the best output in any given condition.

The pop-up type camera on the top of the frame gives a bezel-less aesthetics, which gives an illusion of a bigger screen. 6GB RAM and 128 GB storage are ideal for carrying out many functions at a time, without showing any signs of Lag whatsoever. This phone boasts a Hyper boost, which automatically enhances the power delivery of the phone while the user uses some graphics-oriented activities like gaming or multi-utility functions.

Oppo F11 Pro flaunts a 4000maH power battery, which is capable of lasting long periods (36-hour calling). All in all, this phone from OPPO, certainly is one of the coolest looking phones in the market right now. And accompanied by such amazing price offers, this phone makes a value for money prospects.


  • Stunning Marvel- edition rear design.
  • Extremely versatile features
  • Incredible battery back-up
  • Powerful Processor for raid functioning
  • Bezel-less Aesthetics I the front


  • Slightly heavier for handy use.
  • Priced aggressively as more powerful phones are available in this price range
  1. Realme 1(6GB, Black)
  • Operating system- Android v8.1 Oreo
  • Item Weight- 154 grams.
  • Item Model Number- CPH1859
  • Processor-  Helio P60 AI 

This stunning phone from Realme is an ideal purchase for those who look for a versatile and sophisticated phone without worrying about the price tag. Realme 1 is equipped with some extremely refined AI software that carries out the smooth function of the processor. The face unlock system is quite responsive and unlocks quite rapidly. A 6-inch FHD screen looks stunning and functions well in activities like gaming or watching movies.

The processor is amongst the best ones under 15 K, which boasts sharp graphics and user interface, as well. Such proficiencies are available on many expensive phones and thus makes Realme1, a great phone to have. The stunning rear design is equipped with nanotech layers, which elevate the style quotient of the phone. This phone is capable of amazing AI-oriented features, which makes it stand apart from the rest of the phones under 15 K price band.

The sound quality of the phone feels premium compared to other phones in this segment. And the phone also possesses a 4g dual voltage, which is ideal for better productivity while using network services.

Realme 1 also features a 3410 maH battery, which is capable of 30 hour calling time. This phone has also passed the drop test and has passed with flying colors, which speaks volumes of its build quality.


  • Great value for money prospect
  • Amazing AI functioning 
  • Stunning rear design
  • Durable battery life
  • Extremely affordable


  • Average camera proficiency at night
  • Doest have fingerprint unlock
  1. Vivo V15 Pro (6GB RAM, 128GB storage)
  • Operating system- Android v9.0
  • Item Weight- 186 grams.
  • Item Model Number- 1818
  • Processor-  Qualcomm Snapdragon 675AIE

Vivo V15 Pro is one stunning phone which is extremely affordable in the market right now. A versatile triple camera rear design gives astonishing picture clarity, and the ultra-wide lens ensures that the phone captures impeccable pictures as well. The phone is quite capable of giving amazing picture quality even in the night. A 48 Quad pixel primary rear camera is amongst the most sought after ones in the market at the moment. The camera sensors eliminate some minor flaws from the sight with precision and accuracy.

The Snapdragon 675 AIE processor is extremely fast and responsive, even in the most challenging situations. Power boost churns out maximum output while playing high resolution games and watching HD movies. A 128 GB storage allows the user to store massive data without concerning about the system failure. 6 GB ram is enough to carry smooth operations even while simultaneously working on many high end apps.

The IN display sensor is quite responsive and instantly unlocks the phone without any issues. The security features on the phone are highly refined and ensure that the owner doesn’t deal with data theft. The 3700 maH battery and even faster-charging proficiency make this product a great value for money.


  • Stunning  rear design
  • Powerful Snapdragon 675 processor
  • Great camera quality
  • Durable battery life
  • Performance boosters are incredible


  • Might heat after intensive use for hours
  • Build quality could have been better
  1. LG G8s ThinQ (6 GB RAM)
  • Operating system- Android pie 9
  • Item Weight- 177 grams.
  • Item Model Number- LMG810EAW
  • Processor-  Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Octa-core (7nm)

This phone possesses some astonishing features, which are enough to intimidate the rival phones in the segment. A captivating design that oozes panache and class blended with brutal power processing capabilities makes this phone one of the most equipped products in the 6GB Ram segment. A real depth sensor coupled with a Z pattern camera portrays glorious picture quality. Multi ID and Air motion abilities add to the already impeccable picture quality. With a wide angle and telephoto range of the camera, this phone can even put a DSL to shame.

This phone packs a punch with its 7nm Snapdragon chipset, which gives intimidating output for high resolution gaming and other power-consuming activities. This phone shows great results in the power test as well, with an amazing performance in performing many tasks at a time. AI activities are rapid and productive in all aspects of functioning. The captivating display gives a massive boost for enthralling gameplay and other entertainment factors. 4K resolutions give a grandeur cinematic experience. The battery power of 3550 maH could have been enhanced a bit, but still functions well.


  • Feels extremely premium in hands
  • The powerful processor gives an astonishing performance
  • Stunning triple camera shooter gives larger than life picture quality
  • Great AI proficiencies
  • Ideal for playing High resolution games


  • Extremely expensive
  • The battery could have been improved
  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (6 GB RAM)
  • Operating system- Android v8.0 Oreo
  • Item Weight- 200 grams.
  • Item Model Number- Galaxy Note 9
  • Processor-  Exynos Octa-core

This stunning phone is for those who prefer powerful and premium phones in the 6GB RAM segment. Powerful features, impeccable picture quality, and the reliability of the Brand. All these things blend to give this masterpiece called Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The design looks premium from aspects of it, be it front or the rear, there are not many phones in this price range which looks and feels premium than this majestic Note device. Cutting edge sleek design oozes class, and the metal frame just enhances the ruggedness of this powerful phone. Infinity AMOLED display looks premium as well, which gives Ultra-high resolutions.

Powerful Exynos processor is well renowned for its unparalleled power delivery, and the phone doesn’t show any lags even while carrying out many proficiencies at a time. The phone sharply eliminates flaws through refined security systems. A 4000maH battery is capable of lasting for the whole day, which is quite rare in such humongous phones. 

Galaxy Note 9 only has one issue, which is the 200-gram weight. This makes it quite difficult for the user to carry it all day, and price so expensive certainly forces people to look for a cheaper alternative than this beast of a phone!


  • Extremely sophisticated phone
  •  The stunning design looks best in the segment
  • Powerful and versatile processor
  • Massive battery size
  • Reliable brand quality


  • Slightly bigger for handy use
  • Extremely expensive for 6Gb RAM segment
  1. Honor View20 (6GB)
  • Operating system- Android v9.0
  • Item Weight- 181 grams.
  • Item Model Number- Princeton-AL00l
  • Processor-  Kirin 980 AI Octa-core

This stunning phone from Honor is slightly expensive but boasts of features that justify the price tag as well. A captivating FHD+LTPS display screen looks menacing and sharp, which makes this phone look ultra-premium and stand out from the rival phones. The AI-oriented front camera is available in very few phones in this segment. A primary 48 mp camera is compatible with 3D games as well as Augmented reality functions. The phone is also capable of capturing 3D images with it’s stunning and exquisite TOF feature.

The Kirin 980 AI processor is extremely refined and matches the stats of some of the elite phones in the market. The power is precisely distributed throughout the phone with the assistance of an Artificial intelligence program. The phone is also embedded with new architecture in the chipset, which gives an ultra-smooth user interface. 

Honor View20 also has a GPU turbo boost, which majestically enhances the graphics while playing high resolution games as well as watching HD movies. The sound quality is astonishing, with immense clarity. The Heating issue in the phone is dealt with quite appropriately by the Nine liquid cooling feature.

This phone flaunts a massive 4000maH battery, which lasts for almost 1.5 days, which is essential when playing games for hours or while traveling as well.


  • Extremely sophisticated AI functioning
  • Powerful dynamics of the screen gives a premium feel
  • Stunning AI-supported camera quality
  • Massive 4000maH battery
  • GPU turbo boost for an enthralling game experience


  • Slightly on the expensive side
  • High maintenance cost


All of the above phones are extremely capable in their own price bands. These phones don’t compete with each other as the price variation between them is pretty drastic. Thus, all the phones on the list are embedded with incredible features and proficiencies, which are quite essential in a modern generation phone. Even the cheaper phones in the list flaunt stunning characteristics, which are not even matched by some of the costlier phones in the market. Thus, we have arranged the most versatile phones in all the departments, such as camera quality, processor, design, and other elements. And any customer should precisely look at the price to feature ration and buy the most compatible product according to their respective needs and requirements. These phones are certainly the most sought after products in the market as far as the 6GB variants are concerned.

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