How to Fix Amazon Fire TV Stick When It’s Not Working or Pairing?

In this OTT era, Amazon TV is your lifeline of entertainment. You can do almost anything to make it alive and working all the time.

However, the amazon fire stick works well most of the time, but when it starts irritating, you lose your temper because you have made mind to watch your favourite show at that time. But, but, but. Don’t panic. We are here with the solution of its kind to let you save from any type of trouble like this. As a long-time user of Amazon Fire TV stick, I am all aware of its tantrum thrown any time.

The amazon fire TV stick is not the only option to survive with Amazon fire TV. So, relax and read ahead. You can consider this write up as a beginners guide to amazon fire TV stick handling.

You Need to Know Whether Your Fire TV Remote is Connected with Your Fire TV or not?

Amazon Fire TV Stick
Amazon Fire TV Stick

For that,

  • Go to Settings on your TV.
  • Choose controller and Bluetooth Devices from the menu.
  • Choose Amazon Fire TV remotes.

It will show you the recently connected devices with your Amazon TV. If you are not able to find your remote displayed here, then you need to worry. Read this troubleshooting guide to find the answer.


There are a few possibilities for this problem.

Battery Failure:

The fire stick and Amazon TV always demands to brand new batteries with high quality. If you are failed to do so, you have to be ready with paring denial message. Keep a habit of stocking a few batteries in the home every month.

Because it will not support used ones for sure. If you try to exchange the cells from already working devices, then it would be a significant failure. You have to insert brand new ones and check back again. You might wonder, I have changed the batteries recently. But, to your surprise, it is a hungry power beast. So, get habituated!! Still, if you are not successful with the paring of fire stick with Amazon TV, then read further.

Power Reconnection of Firestick:

Unplug your Firestick TV from the USB port of the set. Wait for almost 30 seconds and plugin back it the original port. It will help to reset the communication of your Amazon fire TV.

Hopefully, this power cycling of the router will help you to reconnect the devices with chances of paring and working of TV and stick. This trick may result in a successful connection of your remote with Amazon Fire TV. Still not? Be patient and act accordingly.

Press the Home Button:

Press the home button for about 60 seconds. It will reinitialize the Bluetooth connection to ensure connectivity. You will see a Bluetooth connection re-established on your screen. Then try again with your remote for connection. You can hold the select button for 5 seconds. It will restart the device.

Else you can move to “settings” and choose “system”. Then on select “Restart” option. This will also help you do the same. Unplugging the power cable for a few minutes and restoring the same after a while may solve the issue.

Still not? Move to next hack.

Amazon Fire TV Application

Amazon Fire TV Stick Application
Amazon Fire TV Stick Application

The application is available on iTunes and Google Play Store which facilitates the connection between your Amazon Fire TV device and your phone, where your phone will act as a remote. To make this work, you need to make sure that both of your devices are connected to the same WiFi network.

This enables the phone working as remote. It easy to navigate via a smartphone because it has a keyboard. Typing your favourite show name with fire stick remote is far more irritating than typing with a mobile keyboard. It will nullify the use of amazon fire stick. This smart hack will no longer bother you firestick pairing and not working issue.

Pro Tips:

The WiFi channel router interface may be the reason for not working and paring the duo. For that, you need to switch to another channel from the router. In this, “WiFi Analyzer” may help to solve the problem.

Now, you need to understand the primary connection mechanism of remote and Amazon Fire TV. As we have migrated from the typical TV remote set to Amazon Fire TV and Firestick, it is essential to know the mechanism.

Although the shape of remote and firestick is the same, the former is connected with TV by Infrared, where the latter is connected via Bluetooth connection.

It is not necessary to point the remote towards the TV. It will automatically sense the signals if they are in the same Bluetooth coverage. Here the line of sight mechanism of old remotes will not work. The firestick Bluetooth range is approximately 30 feet.

Thus, you need to locate the firestick as near as possible to Amazon Fire TV.This mechanism is a benefit as well as a curse that a long time firestick user will know very well.

You don’t need to point it towards the TV, but it is susceptible to the interference of other devices like wireless phone, microwave oven,  coaxial cables, wireless speakers, and other wireless devices.

Relocation of such devices in the nearby area of Amazon Fire TV  is the best you can do to re-establish the connection between TV and Firestick.By knowing all this simple to pro tips of the firestick not working and pairing, you must be ready to solve this issue at your place as well as at your friend’s home.

You need to check out every possibility given here and find the best suitable solution to this. Imagine, if you could fix the issue at your neighbour’s place, who is old age and technology illiterate, you will be a hero in their eyes.

After all, you have made them seen their favourite channels and shows. Let us know which one works best for you amongst all the above.

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