7 reasons to buy ‘Pigeon Handy Mini Chopper’ and add to your Kitchenware

Pigeon Handy Mini Chopper

Are you a home cook? Is your vegetables or fruits chopping tedious? Then, you got to try Pigeon Handy Mini Chopper!

It lets you spend less time in kitchen, leaving you space for more culinary experience. Available on Amazon, this handy chopper stands to be most sold and preferable solution for all your fruit and vegetable chopping needs.

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  • Product Description
  • Features & Highlights
  • Reasons to buy
  • Benefits of using
  • Care instruction
  • Pros & Cons
  • Conclusion

Simplify your food preparation and make it more ENJOYABLE!

Product Description

‘Pigeon Handy Mini Chopper’ is a compact non-electric kitchen appliance precisely designed to help home makers in minimizing their kitchen chores. 

It features 3 sharp & durable stainless steel blades and comes with a simple rope with unique string functionality that can be pulled for a hassle-free chopping process with minimal efforts.

Made of ABS plastic material, this convenient handy chopper is sturdy and durable. It’s easy to use, but to get things started smoothly one has to ensure to place medium size cut vegetables or fruits. That’s how the blades would not be jammed.

At your convenience, place the content and close the lid to sting the rope to cut them into small pieces. After then, remove the blade carefully and collect your food, ready to go for cooking or having them to eat as salads.

Features & Highlights

  • Unbreakable ABS plastic body for long-term durability
  • Easily detachable stainless steel 3-blade sturdy design
  • String functionality enabled item for easy chopping
  • Non-electric kitchen appliance for your kitchen
  • Eco-friendly design for greater sustainability
  • Green colour option with Plastic material
  • Portable compact mini chopper that’s easy to carry
  • 100% value for money and easy to clean
  • 5 Star Rated product on top online store like Amazon
  • Best gift and pleasant surprise for mothers or wives
  • The sharpest & smoothest blades for seamless chopping
  • 20k+ Reviews scored for this chopper on Amazon
  • 1-Piece Handy Chopper in the Package
  • 30-Day Warranty on any Manufacturing defects

And the list goes on, so quickly let’s unveil the 7 main reasons to buy ‘Pigeon Handy Mini Chopper’ and add to your Kitchenware

1. For the ‘BRAND’ itself

This handy vegetable & fruit chopper comes from the renowned flagship brand ‘Pigeon’, which falls under the India’s largest kitchen appliances company ‘Stovekraft’.

Since inception, the company has been successfully creating best-in-class kitchen appliances that are transforming household chores into pleasurable experiences.

So, it’s no doubt it would be a Best Buy to purchase this new & innovative handy mini plastic chopper that comes with 3 stainless steel blades, manufactured by the trustworthy brand pigeon by stovekraft.

2. Unique & Easy Functionality

The string function in this appliance make it super easy to handle and operate efficiently to give you an ultimate convenience.

With minimal efforts, you can cut or chop the vegetables and fruits hassle-free way. For your quick preparation of salads, sabzi or other cooking purposes, the three sharp and strong blades adds perfect value.

All you got to do is, just pull the string simply and the results are so spontaneous. The simple and easy to use lid press not only makes your vegetable or fruits cutting extremely easy, but also quickens your meal preparations.

3. Easy Cleaning. Assemble & Disassemble.

The Pigeon Mini Handy Chopper is easy to detach and open that makes you cleaning a breeze and blade changing seamless.

Coming to cleaning, its no rocket science! You can use lukewarm water and just mild detergent, then wipe it with a soft cloth.

Besides, you can use the cleaning brush during the hand-washing process.

Overall, it’s quite simple to clean and maintain well. This handy chopper by pigeon can be placed in on any shelf of your kitchen.

Even to carry with you, it’s super portable. It really serves the purpose well!

4. It’s a High Quality Material-made

In this case, the quality of the chopper is extremely noteworthy as the ABS plastic comes in place, which makes it unbreakable.

So, you no need to worry about few drop offs from your hand and no doubt it finely chops off the vegetables and fruits.

The durable and sturdy material used in this kitchen tool is toxin free, which adds more life to it and makes you love using it.

Even after multiple usage, the stainless steel blades remain unchanged and same super sharpness lasts, making it a super functional thing to add to your kitchenware.

It does heavy duty!

5. It’s truly Compact and Handy

Many home makers like you love to use a compact kitchenware tool, that does wholesome chopping tasks.

Than compact size of this mini chopper offers a great convenience and simplicity. You can easily place in your kitchen or carry around on your outings by packing it in the bag.

Even while not in use, you can store it anywhere in your kitchen cabinet as it perfectly fits and doesn’t consume much space.

It’s compact, but it does remarkable chopping!

6. Lets you avoid INJURIES

Pigeon handy chopper not only lets you save time, efforts but also enables you to avoid the kitchen accidents.

It’s like a guard to your fingers and keeps your hand safe from any possible injury involved in chopping process.

As we mostly use knife to perform chopping, slicing tasks there are high chances of experiencing vulnerable injuries.

So, this way it fastens the process while protecting you from hurting your hands or wrists.

Happy and safe chopping!

7. It’s a Non-Electric appliance

The string pull mechanism of this appliance removes the need of electricity, so no external power is required for operation.

Actually, this makes the chopper more handy and portable to carry outdoors while traveling.

Moreover, the manual appliance like pigeon handy chopper is also easy to clean as there wouldn’t be any worry of electric things of getting wet.

So comparatively to electric choppers, this becomes more reliable!

Benefits of using Pigeon Handy Mini Chopper

Aforementioned are the reasons to have this super cool kitchen tool, now let us discuss about the actual benefits of vegetable and fruit chopper by pigeon.

  • As your eyes wouldn’t be exposed while chopping onions, you can say goodbye to those crying moments.
  • You can save some extra time and efforts by fastening the process of chopping, dicing and slicing.
  • This handy chopper is safer to use as there wouldn’t be any dependency of using hand held knife to cut.
  • It avoids you to have hand irritation from foods like citrus, chilli peppers, garlic or onions too.
  • With the supervision, you can get help from your grown up kid to speed up the food preparation.
  • It helps you incentivise to boost your diet by adding up wide variety of fruits of vegetables within no time.
  • You can even make the best use of this handy vegetable and fruit cutter for other food like herbs, nuts and candy.
  • Overall, it’s also a pretty fun and creative appliance for you to add to your kitchenware and use once you get a hang of it!

Care Instructions

  • Keep it away from children as they may hurt themselves.
  • Always keep washing and rinsing this utensil with only liquid soap along lukewarm water.
  • Avoid soaking polycarbonate range in soap or detergent.
  • Do not use any abrasive washing powders or scrubbers.



  • Seamlessly chops all type of Vegetables and Fruits with ease
  • High Quality Material used in the appliance for longlasting Use
  • Affordable in its price range across the manual chopper market
  • It’s very easy to use, clean and to maintain it
  • 6 months of manufacturer warranty on the appliance
  • It’s extremely versatile as it can chop, grate, dice and slice
  • This safety tool prevents hurting your hand in chopping process
  • Stainless steel blades ensures a very clean chopping experience
  • Perfect material to reinforce and ensure long-lasting durability


  • It’s compact size is convenient, but it may limit the large amount of food to chop in the container.
  • You don’t get to an option to choose various styles and colours, however the available option is ideal.
  • Refrain it from your kids reach as the blades in it are sharp.


pigeon handy mini chopper,

Now that we have shared the detailed review with you on pigeon handy mini chopper, in our opinion, it stands as the best vegetable and fruit choppers available across the market,

We made sure to include all the imperative information to make sure your purchase is worthy. However if you would like to add something, please drop us comments and we would like to address it.

Happy and healthy food making!

Feels like to have a glance at it in real? Check the unboxing & functioning here!


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