7 Promising Reasons to Buy the ‘Iconic Nokia 3310’

We all knew how big hit was the 2000’s Vintage Version of Nokia 3310. Following the legacy, now it’s on board again with modern classic design and compact refreshed look.

After the emergence of Android & iOS smart devices in the market, the Nokia brand got slightly faded. But, now with this groundbreaking handset its roaring again in the market and sold more than 150 Million units already.

We’re here to get you through 7 promising reasons that makes the latest ‘Iconic Nokia 3310’ a must buy! 

Stay assured regards to the factual information listed here, because we get everything from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

1. Reimagined Design

Following the footprints of the vintage version, the new & innovative design in the latest Nokia 3310 brings a fresh look.

It’s a nostalgia, reminding the old iconic round shape and custom designed UI but the classic new age look is seen now.

Measuring with the compact size of 115.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm, this handset weights 186g only, giving a charm while you hold in hand. Made with a polycarbonate material, the push buttons are remarkable, giving the Nokia 3310 a legendary look.

Besides the display blessed in this phone is quite impressive, 2.45” QVGA display crafted well on the curved screen. The polarized out finish with 240 x 320 pixels resolution makes it a best choice and joy for a better readability even in the sunlight.

2. Outstanding Battery

Nokia 3310 battery is boundless is what we should say!

Bagged with a removable 1200 mAh battery, the Nokia 3310 enable an impressive talk time upto max 22.1 Hours and spell-bounding standby time upto max 31 Days.

These days, we carry battery savers as an added luggage but for this handset you can leave your charger at your home and travel. 

The long lasting battery lets you stay connected with your friends and family. The Micro-USB port is enables for seamless hassle-free charging.

Continued MP3 playback time adds more convenience to your hustle bustle life, as it lasts max upto 51 Hours. On the FM Radio front, the playback time lasts upto 39 Hours.

Overall, you will feel less need or rush to charge your Nokia 3310!

3. Legendary Games

The legendary Snake game, reminds the olden days that we used to play on the vintage master version of 3310.

In the latest 2017 version, It’s nailed it again with mere enhancing updates on the colour screen, making it even more fun to play.

Used to scoring high in the Snake Play? Try this Snake II and beat it! 

You can also enjoy games like Pairs II, Space Impact, and Bantumi, besides Snake II.

These are less complicated, more fun generating games when compared to the intense Android Games.

Get your Nokia 3310 and get lost in your nostalgic games!

4. Distinctive Colours

The latest iconic Nokia 3310 comes in 4 distinct colours with a gloss and matte finishing. 

Warm Red and Yellow colours are blessed with the most attractive glossy finishing. The other two are Dark Blue and Grey, dressed with matte finishing. 

Honestly, when I took the phone in hand it made me emotionally attached to it because of it’s old father version. Which, we used to carry it as a pride!

Now, this baby phone is also in its inheritance with extremely attractive looks and makes it fall in love with the vibrant colours. 

Overall the handset is an absolute beauty!

5. Camera with Flash

Nokia 3310 reimagined version comes with 2 MP camera, enabled with LED flash option. 

The configuration suffices in this cute little phone, snaps are joy to be taken. 

However in the old 2000 version, the front or rear both camera options were missing.

So, this latest camera-enabled Nokia 3310 adds more beauty and does the job well. In this price range, it’s like satisfying feature!

The resolution is decent enough and stretches well to zoom and captures images and videos. I give thumbs up for Nokia 3310 camera and it’s flash!!!

6. Dual SIM Capability

With support of GSM 900/1800 MHz bands, the this Nokia 30+ Series handset comes with both Single & Dual SIM capability.

The call quality to be observed is of crystal clear. No doubt, you’ll have great conversations with your loved ones.

Having a dual SIM phone lets you switch between your numbers simultaneously. Both your personal and professional life can be managed efficiently.

Unlike Apple Phones, Nokia has benchmarked in delivering dual SIM handsets successfully in decent price range.

Use one SIM to handle calls and other for Internet usage, like a Master!!!

7. Upto 32GB Storage

This comeback phone bags a 16MB of internal memory with an allocation of Micro SD card support, which can be stretched up to 32GB. 

That’s a lot of space; it makes easier for you to store your beloved videos, photos and MP3 files. 

So, there wouldn’t be a bottleneck of running out space!

The internal phone’s memory consumption will be seamlessly reduced, power will go no waste.

Overall, if we observe the Nokia 3310 gets you packed with loads of super exciting features. Connect to your favourite radio stations with FM radio feature of the handset and play the music your love.

Bluetooth 3.0 SLAM lets you connect to other Bluetooth devices to share information ‘On the Go’. Micro USB (USB 2.0) with 3.5 mm port is added more flexibility in Nokia 3310.

Personally, I own this cutie and I love this innovation, baby of big dad ‘Vintage 2000 Nokia 3310’

Signing off!!!!


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