6 Most Common Problems a Smartphone User Face

Rather making this writeup as scripted, I would in fact share my own problems here faced throughout mobile to smartphone journey. Walk into my shoes to explore!

Like everyone I’m also obsessed in using my phone. Started as a mobile owner of the antique vintage mobile phone ‘Nokia 3310’, now I am a proud Smartphone user of Android. Yes, transformation happened from Qwerty Button Phone to Touch Enabled Smart Devices for a decade now. But the common problems persist – No matter the brand!

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Aforementioned analysis report illustrates 7 common issues occur while running a smartphone.

Like for every problem there is a solution. I’m here to take your through the most common problems that plague me as a mobile phone user. Besides, I’ll also explain the best ways to fix ‘em…

1. Hanging Problem 

We are living in the 21st Century. It would be annoying to see our phone get hung or freeze in the middle of our phone usage. And, yes the reason could be myriad! 

When you RAM gets overloaded or missing on the Cache, Log Files & Cookies being one of the reason. There are many other like installing unwanted & countless applications, doing multitasking, keeping phone memory full and even using heavy themes, may altogether hamper the phone to get stuck.

What’s the Solution?

• Trash the unnecessary/rarely used Apps

• Do not practice to do run Multi Tabs

• Free Up your Phone Memory

• Install Apps & Data on Memory Card

• End the Background Running Apps

• Save Photos & Data on Cloud 

• Clear the Cache once in a While

• Install Anti Virus on Phone for Good

2. Battery Drain Issue

If you battery continuously drains & doesn’t hold up at least for a day, it causes frustration, Isn’t it? 

Too many apps needs too much battery! 

Maximising your battery standby time requires small attention of yours. Checkout for the unwanted programs that continuously check for updates and auto downloads, because they cause the depletion of battery.

You gotta keep your battery alive, don’t know when an emergency call or transaction may be needed. 

What’s the Solution?

• Reduce the Screen Brightness 

• Go for WiFi, rather than 4G

• Limit browsing the Video Content

• Turn on Smart Battery Mode

• Use Airplane Mode, when not in use

• Auto-lock the Phone Screen

• Avoid fast charging practice

• Dark theme Saves Energy

3. Overheating Issue

Who want to turn the phone into a bomb? None! That warm feeling is weird and unpleasant. Besides, being heard of phone getting explode is like a nightmare too.

Starting from playing games continuously to exposing the phone towards sunlight, enabling high brightness to longer WiFi connectivity, be it any reason the risk is high.

Even when I used to connect the Bluetooth speaker for the longer run, I used to face the heating issue. 

What’s the Solution?

• Refrain your phone from direct sunlight

• Reduce the phone brightness

• Remove the phone case to keep it cool

• Do not use 3rd Party chargers

• Avoid playing games too long

• Lower down your camera configuration

• Change the battery every 2 years

• Check and close unused applications

4. Storage Issue

How annoying it would be to see a popup saying ‘Running out of space’, especially while you click Pics? I know that feel! 

We all thrive to capture the world in our phone and carry with us. So, must acquire ample space. 

Big media files get hidden and forgotten. Be it audio, video or image files.. Even WhatsApp and Facebook Apps, after installation keep consuming a lot of space.

The regular App Updates will eat off the storage too, if missed an eye on it.

What’s the Solution?

• Transfer files to Google Drive

• Extend the MicroSD Card

• Remove unwanted Downloads

• Clear Cache & create Room

• Delete duplicate Pics & Videos

• Transfer data to SD Card

• Remove miscellaneous archive

• Invest in external memory 

5. Online Speed Issue

Staying connected with the Online World is mandate. Or else the life stops! Be it for our professional life or personal, nothing is frustrating than experiencing slower internet connection. 

While browsing on Google or checking out Facebook, you pay for your Network and expect speedy responses.

However, relying on networks like JIO or other temporary hyped mobile carriers may get you upset. Rather renowned 4G network providers & WiFi will fix the speed issues!

Even the browser you use plays a predominant role in the online speed issue.

What’s the Solution?

• Prefer 4G & Wifi over 3G

• Try using Google Browser

• Enable maximum data loading 

• Enable Text Mode in Browser

• Use Internet Speed Enhancement Apps

• Pause secondary apps using Internet

• Use Ad-Blocker Plugin

6. Water Damage Issue

It’s a heartbreaking thing, when you see your phone get wet! My personal experience in the recent times is iPhone 6S fell in the Bucket of Water. 

Was quite panic and tried removing the case out. That was the biggest mistake I made!

I realised after few seconds that the Display got broken and I screwed up the Internal Board. So, I suggest you to just follow the solution and tips given below.

What’s the Solution?

• Safely remove the battery & sim cards

• Switch Off the phone straight away

• Get 3rd Party Insurance 

• User water-resistant port covers

• Walk directly the authorised expert

• Place the departed in the uncooked rice

Final Thoughts

‘Prefer to the Best. It saves much trouble’ 

I believe in going for the best, rather than getting lost in cheap manufacturers. Especially, when it comes to own a smart device – Go for the leading and renowned brand like ‘Apple, Samsung, Nokia & Trust Worthy Domestic Manufacturer’.

This is to protect you from getting the aforementioned hard hits. Wishing you a happy Smartphone User Experience!

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