51 most anticipated books of 2022

Upcoming Book Releases in 2022

Author note: Below is a list of books that are due to be released in 2022. The list has been compiled by reading upcoming publications, talking with authors and publishers, and looking at the Amazon bestseller lists.

The list covers all types of fiction – science-fiction, fantasy, crime thrillers, children’s stories, etc – as well as non-fiction titles (which will soon be a new article on this blog). All dates given are US publication dates. If you detect a lack of diversity in the nominations below, please consider that it might be because I have not yet come across anything worth adding. Please let me know if there is something good coming up which should definitely be included on this list!

So here goes…

Some of these books were also mentioned in the book-to-movie list published last week.

51 most anticipated books of 2022

1 – “The Black Witch” by Laurie Forest (3/13/22)

On her eighteenth birthday, Elloren Gardner is presented with an entire library’s worth of tomes detailing malfeasance against nonhumans.  As she begins to read, Elloren discovers secrets about her world – and herself – that will forever change her notions of right and wrong, good and evil.

2 – “Against All Things Ending” by Stephen Donaldson (5/14/22)

After the devastating events at the end of The Last Dark , Thomas Covenant finds his life in shambles. His beloved wife has been taken from him, his young son is being held hostage and the Land has been poisoned by the Despiser. With only a mysterious stranger to guide him through this time of despair, Covenant’s quest for redemption begins.

3 – “The Glass Town Game” by Catherynne M. Valente (6/11/22)

In Victorian England, two cousins create an enchanting land of dukes and dirigibles as they act out adventures in their make-believe world. But when their game turns dangerous, it’s up to them to save their fantastical domain–and themselves–before everything they love is destroyed.

4 – “Happiness Sold Separately” by Lolly Winston (6/11/22)

Rita Teeter is a lot of things. A portly, single mother with an ex-husband she never wanted to divorce and three kids who drive her crazy. The fact that she’s recently lost her job as a pastry chef doesn’t help matters much. But one thing Rita absolutely is NOT …is happy…until she meets Naomi Wyndham, the owner of a local shop that specializes in selling happiness – through products guaranteed to make people smile.

5 – “Trial by Fire” by Charles Gannon (6/25/22)

When humanity makes first contact with an alien civilization capable of traveling between stars, they are divided: should our two species cooperate or fight for dominance? Both sides have their own champions, and it is these individuals who will spearhead their respective campaigns… with war the likely outcome.

6 – “The Last Invasion” by A.J. Tata (7/30/22)

In this thrilling sequel to The Final World War , a diverse team of military operatives joins forces against a hidden enemy plotting a devastating attack on the United States. But when evidence points to a former ally, can they uncover the truth in time?

7 – “Lincoln’s Grave Robbers” by Steve Sheinkin (9/10/22)

Was John Wilkes Booth really an actor motivated by revenge after being denied a federal role in the theater troupe known as Ford’s Players? Or was he a Confederate secret agent working to undermine the Union? Sheinkin’s narrative nonfiction account investigates the conflicting evidence surrounding Booth’s life, his dramatic death at the hands of federal troops, and its surprising aftermath.

8 – “The Lost World of Mr. Hardy” by Max Gunther (10/1/22)

In 1905, Thomas Hardy travelled with his wife to the Jura Mountains in Switzerland where they spent their holidays for many years. It was here that he wrote some of his finest novels. When World War I broke out, English-speaking visitors were no longer welcome in Swiss resorts deemed dangerous for enemy espionage, so Hardy migrated to Germany instead. With help from recorded conversations between Hardy and his wife about their travels–as well as letters, memoirs, and other documents–Max Gunther tells the story of how Thomas Hardy wrote The Return of the Native while lost high up in the Alps, unable to find his way back.

9 – “The War Against Miss Winter” by Michael Maren (11/12/22)

A powerful novel about three women—whose lives are forever changed during World War II. Two sisters are imprisoned at Ravensbruck concentration camp—one for her part in a resistance plot against Hitler; the other because she has hidden her Jewish heritage. The third woman is an American pilot who’s been shot down over France and ended up behind enemy lines….

10 – “Good Omens” by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett (11/13/22)

Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett bring us the tale of an angel and a demon who have become overly fond of life on Earth. They have decided to try to stop the Apocalypse – not because they believe in God, but because they’ve each fallen in love with an Earth woman. Unfortunately, both women are destined to be the mother of the Anti-Christ…

11 – “Salvation” by Peter F. Hamilton (12/31/22)

A new novel from one of science fiction’s greatest visionaries tells a gripping story set deep in space—and a century into a dimly understood future—that unfolds within an extraordinary construct: a massive sphere built around a star and populated by a self-contained biosphere under the combined control of twelve alien species.

12 – “A Court of Frost and Starlight” by Sarah J. Maas (2/5/21)

To save her people, she will risk everything in one last game… As war looms in the six kingdoms, Feyre embarks upon a dangerous mission with Rhysand, Tamlin, and their allies to uncover secrets about the enemy that could stop them before they begin. Alongside this perilous quest is another: for Feyre to ask a difficult question—can a monster truly be loved?

13 – “A Whisper of Southern Lights” by Joel Shepherd (3/19/21)

The sequel to The Empress Game finds a new Interstellar Alliance building a galactic coalition of inhabited worlds from the ruins of yet another interstellar war, as they seek to recover from civil conflict that has torn apart Earth’s Empire. Rogue pilot Amelia Doge and gun-for-hire Jack Dean barely survive their confrontation with agents of the corrupt InterStellar Trade Council, but now they have been called on by an old friend to help him rescue his daughter.

14 – “A Funeral for the Eyes of Fire” by John Marco (4/30/21)

Sequel to The Great Wide World Over There revisits Anne Gaylia Carswell—a lonely orphan who is recruited into a secret organization tasked with protecting humanity from supernatural threats. Now she must travel back in time to a Victorian-era London that is being stalked by a horrifying creature from another dimension.

15 – “An Unkindness of Ghosts” by Rivers Solomon (10/1/21)

In the far future, aboard a vast spaceship designed to preserve the last members of humanity during an unexpected hundreds-of-years-long journey through deep space, the governing class are all clones—and have been for thousands of years. Now someone aboard this ship has begun murdering these clones one by one in bizarre ways… and they’ve obscured their own identity using a combination of manipulation, blackmail, and violence. Only a young lower class technician named Owl suspects there’s more going on than accidents–but even she may not be able to find out the truth.

16 – “Jagannath” by Karin Tidbeck (10/1/21)

In a world where reality is shifting, unstable and untrustworthy, one woman struggles to find her own place in this confounding new society.

18 – “The Uninhabitable Earth” by David Wallace-Wells (11/22/21)

From the author of The Unraveling—the acclaimed New York Times bestseller that looked at climate change from a new perspective—comes an equally original and frightening forecast of the effects of global warming on our planet’s future. In rolling prognostications of unprecedented scope, he details how modern civilization might be transformed when the earth grows hotter, plants die off, and the oceans rise by almost 200 feet.

19 – “Queen of Air and Darkness” by Cassandra Clare (2/12/22)

The conclusion to The Dark Artifices trilogy, which began with Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows, is a Shadowhunters novel that completes Emma Carstairs’ journey from haunted war orphan to head of the Nephilim. When the clock strikes thirteen, doomsday will dawn for one of the Shadowhunters—either Julian Blackthorn or Emma Carstairs. 

20 – “Walkaway” by Cory Doctorow (4/30/22)

This near-term science-fiction novel follows two rebels who fight society’s strictures in different ways: Hubert Vernon Howe develops technology anyone can use, while Natalie Quartermane organizes a social movement. When their paths cross, they embark on an adventure that will transform the world forever.

21 – “A Borrowed Man” by Genevieve Cogman (10/2/22)

Sequel to The Invisible Library finds Irene once again traveling through alternate realities to collect rare books for her mysterious library—but she’s not alone this time around… and now she’s in search of her own personal copy of Frankenstein.

23-24 – “The Stone Sky” by N.K. Jemisin (7/24/22)

The last installment in the Broken Earth trilogy centers on Essun, who is about to commit an unthinkable act of vengeance upon the moon—in order to destroy her lover for what he did to Alabaster. If only she could get him away from her daughter and that world-ending stone before she strikes…

25 – “The Thousand Deaths of Ardor Benn” by Tyler Whitesides (9/11/22)

Sequel to The Warrior Heir picks up in 1918 in a country where people who possess magical powers are sentenced to death, and follows the descendants of Jack Shepherd as they search for his son, who has been kidnapped.

26 – “Ice” by Sarah Beth Durst (1/15/23)

Sequel to Vessel follows an oceanographer named Halley who must return to the undersea world she left behind in order to save her estranged younger sister, who is trapped in the body of a mermaid.

27 – “The Delirium Brief” by Charles Stross (5/7/23)

Sequel to The Nightmare Stacks, another installment in Stross’s Laundry Files series, follows Bob Howard—a former top operative at the covert government agency known as the Laundry—as he returns to Britain after more than twenty years working for them full-time. When his niece kills herself after being dosed with experimental drugs developed by an uncaring pharmaceutical company, Bob begins investigating on behalf of his family… and discovers that this case may be intertwined with some events that occurred during his first ever day on the job (as chronicled in The Atrocity Archives).

28 – “The Wolves of Winter” by Tyrell Johnson (8/6/23)

Sequel to The Pack finds a man and his pregnant wife journeying across a frozen wasteland in search of shelter, and encountering several groups who wish them harm: the men who raped and pillaged their town, the women they left behind, and a tribe of cannibalistic religious fanatics whose beliefs clash with those of the protagonist.

29 – Untitled Nancy Pearl Book (11/26/23)

Nancy Pearl—the beloved librarian from Seattle Public Library’s famously successful literary matchmaking program One Book, One Washington—is set to release her first novel. Details are being kept under wraps.

30 – “Saints and Misfits” by S.K. Ali (6/18/24)

Alia begins hearing the voice of God while working at her mosque’s bookshop—and learns that being a prophet is harder than she ever could have imagined. A companion novel to Good Karma, which was released in August 2017.

31 – The Disasters: Book Five by M.K. England (4/8/25)

This follow-up to Alienated, Invaded, Adored, Ignited, and Enchanted follows five young alien fighters as they return to earth after their planet has been destroyed… only to discover that it may be overrun with an even worse threat than any they could have imagined: humanity.

32 – “The Twisted Ones” by Karina Halle (11/5/25)

Sequel to The Devil’s Metal and The Devil’s Resolve finds Charlie, Ginny, and the rest of Hellsinki band Hellions returning from hell with a plan not only to make it big in the rock scene, but also to take over the world—though when they attempt both at once, nothing goes according to plan.

33-34 – Untitled Toby Daye Book #9 and Rosemary and Rue: 10th Anniversary Edition by Seanan McGuire (7/27/26)

Details are being kept under wraps on both of these titles… aside from their release dates. However, Seanan McGuire—aka Mira Grant—has hinted that they’ll be “bigger books than some of the earlier ones in the series,” and will feature Rosemary and Rue’s tenth anniversary.

35 – “Captive” by S.L. Jennings (11/3/26)

When a girl decides to leave behind her humble roots in Florida, moving with her father up to New York City, she becomes trapped in an abusive relationship with him… until one day, when she discovers his true nature. Now, she must fight for her life while learning what it is to truly be free.

36 – Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin (4/1/27)

Following 3 consecutive Hugo Awards, two World Fantasy Awards, and a New York Times Bestseller List appearance for The Fifth Season, the final installment in Jemisin’s Broken Earth series follows Essun—whose extraordinary ability to harness the energy of orogeny has put her at odds with a patriarchal society convinced it must control such powers.

37 – “Fight or Flight” by Samantha Young (9/24/27)

A former fighter pilot moves from her home in Scotland to Arizona, where she meets a man who helps her confront both that past and the present-day loss of her twin brother… but when an ex-lover resurfaces after twelve years with surprising news, their lives will be changed forever.

38 – “Unconventional” by Kami Garcia (5/15/28)

Sequel to Unbreakable and The Last Boyfriend finds Ethan coming home to Gatlin, South Carolina after years of traveling the world with his rock band, only to find that the small town he once loved has changed… and its citizens are hiding things. Worse still, there’s a darkness in him like never before, leading him down a path toward an act so unspeakable it could destroy them all.

39 – “The Way We Fall” by Megan Crewe (6/26/28)

It’s been over two years since Kaelyn lost her family in the outbreak—and six months since she fled her own village when they turned on her for bringing them bad luck. Now, a voice on the radio claims to be broadcasting from a sanctuary island for those who’ve been infected with the Fallen virus… and Kaelyn’s determined to find it, even if it means putting her trust in the mysterious person behind the broadcast.

40 – “Shadows of Self” by Brandon Sanderson (1/6/29)

The second book in The Wax & Wayne era of Mistborn follows Waxillium Ladrian as he returns to Elendel after two years spent investigating his uncle’s murder… only to discover that his home city is spiraling out of control due to an underground railroad for allomancers.

41-42 – Unmade by Sarah Rees Brennan (8/31/29)

A prequel to Unspoken, this new duology will explore the history of the Lynburn family and Kami’s connection with them before she ever arrived in Sorry-in-the-Vale… but it’ll also focus on another character entirely: someone whose never even been mentioned before. (Hype is high.)

43 – “Phoenix Unbound” by Grace Draven (9/1/29)

Sequel to Radiance finds Radiant Severa Adele leaving her home planet with a broken heart, only to find herself drawn into a war between planets… and caught in an ancient feud that threatens the existence of everyone and everything she holds dear.

44 – Untitled New Studio Ghibli Film by Hayao Miyazaki (12/31/30)

Details are scarce on Miyazaki’s final Studio Ghibli film, other than that it will be an original story using fantasy elements… and his son, Goro Miyazaki, says the movie is “about how people live their lives after a major conflict.”

45 – Starless by Jacqueline Carey (7/3/32)

Following both the events of 2014’s Naamah’s Curse and last year’s Imriel Trilogy comes this tale set in Terre d’Ange following Elua—in which Bao and Moirin find themselves helping to care for thousands of war refugees… while journeying across the desert toward a sacred place from Bao’s past.

46-47 – “The Last Exodus” by Rick Yancey (8/31/32)

Sequel to The Fifth Wave follows both Cassie and Ringer as they face the Others’ final assault on Earth… and discover that whatever’s left of humanity after wave upon wave of alien invasions might just be more than any of them imagined.

48 – The Witch with No Name by Kim Harrison (10/28/33)

Following A Perfect Blood, this new Hollows book finds the former witch Rachel Morgan cut off from her powers—which she’ll need to survive when an ancient demon emerges hellbent on killing all humans in Cincinatti.

49 – Star Wars: Episode IX by Colin Trevorrow / Jack Thorne (12/31/33)

Details are scarce on the final installment of the new Star Wars sequel trilogy, but Colin Trevorrow has said that it’ll be “an epic conclusion” that he feels will stay with people for a long time. Jack Thorne, meanwhile, is co-writing from Trevorrow’s outline—and whatever happens, you can probably bet on Lucasfilm making this one hard to pry plot details from before its release.

50 – Vengeful by V.E. Schwab (2/28/34)

The sequel to 2013’s superlative Vicious brings back former thrill-killing duo Victor and Eli as they set their sights on a pair of seemingly perfect ordinary girls… and watch as a dark plan unfolds to make them the most dangerous supervillains alive.

51 – Untitled Pixar Animation Film by Pete Docter (5/26/37)

Details are scarce on this one, other than that it’ll be a buddy comedy with an older protagonist… and since its director is Pete Docter, you can expect both plenty of heart and an out-of-this-world setting.

Now onto my thoughts! I’m really intrigued about the new Studio Ghibli film being announced now. At first glance there isn’t much information but maybe they’re planning something big? The “new” Harry Potter play sounds interesting as well! Very excited to hear about the next two books in Mistborn series! There’s also another Sarah Rees Brennan book which has me excited. I’m definitely getting #ownvoices vibes from the description, but it sounds like it will be so good! I’ve never read anything by Kim Harrison before so I don’t know what to expect with this one, but I hear her other series is amazing so at least there’s that! The new Star Wars movie has me very interested in learning more about who these characters are because their names don’t sound familiar 😛 Not sure if this is a live action or animated film, but either way it should be interesting to see what happens next! Lastly, the Pixar film sounds cute and fun (and weird!). There you go folks! Those were my thoughts on the books named in this article. I enjoyed the read and I hope you did too! Thank you for reading my blog. Have a great day.

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