5 Smart and Helpful Kitchen Tools Every Housewife Must Have

We all knew that kitchen is the all-time happening place for every housewife. Cooking should be like a pleasant experience, but relying on sluggish appliances and tools make the entire process longer & boring. Indian heritage has a great legacy of bringing delicious cuisine and most importantly, the inception has start all within our ladies’ hands.

Let us list out some smart and helpful kitchen tools that will add charm to all near and dear housewives’ kitchenware, ensuring the cooking procedure to be quick and exciting, but not stress-free. Occupying very little space, these versatile and convenient picks makes the cooking activities a breeze, ditches all the slow process of preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner. Glad that, all these kitchen tools are available online on e-stores. So, let’s get started!

5 Most Helpful Kitchen Tools Every Housewife

Handy Mini Chopper

This is best and most essential tool for the kitchen, which is actually the most favourite item for many housewives. Handy mini chopper by Pigeon brand is of the top selling item available on Amazon. It comes with detachable blade which works on the string functionality. Having a non-electric compact chopper is always good to have and minimize the tedious process of day-to-day chopping.

By which, the time and efforts go saved involved in grating, dicing, chopping and slicing. In fact, the handy choppers won’t hurt hands, becomes easy to clean and maintain.

Portable Hand Blender

The Indian cuisine is never complete without the smooth chutneys, smoothies and gravies. Which is without a big time consuming and energy draining. One can use the Hand Blenders to make all the liquids in few minutes. It’s another kitchen tool that’s really convenient to store and must-have absolute kitchen gadget.

It doesn’t just stop with making smoothies and milkshakes, but does a loads of work including eggs scrambling, blending pancake batter, pureeing soups, whipping creams and sauces. There’re bunch of compact blenders available in the online market across Flipkart and Amazon stores.

Electric Egg Boiler

Next essentials kitchen tool is electric egg boiler, which saves all the hustle bustle process involved in boiling eggs. One’ll discover comfortable way of boiling more eggs once at a time, with just simple one-touch operation. All the hassle of switching the stove and dumping eggs in vessel, waiting for long hours will be minimized. One can find the best brands providing egg boilers including, Kent (best selling on Amazon), WonderChef, CurioCity, PetRice and Inalsa.

An Electric Cooker

Unlike the loud and messy stovetop cookers, the electric cooker makes the entire food cooking process easier. This is a definite kitchen gadget one must have! If it’s bought from a reliable brand, it should cook the food within half the time usually it requires under high temperature and pressure. For instance, if one can cook a dish in an hour, in an electric cook it could be done in just 30 minutes. It saves the time spent in the kitchen for housewives, bringing the modern touch to the kitchenware. Moving from place to place or upgrading kitchen must have this appliance handy.

Bladeless Air Cooler

To keep the hardworking housewives, this is a big saver! During the summer season or heavy power cuts, having a compact structured unique mini air fan is a blessing. Just by the means of USB or power charge of 5V, we’re able to find some bladeless motor enables fans conveying cool air with the ice cubes compartment. Carrying very small dimensions, these are easy to carry for outdoor use besides home or office use.

Available on Amazon and Flipkart, one can go fit and add it to the glamour to the kitchenware.

Final Thoughts

The world is modernizing! In every walk of our lives, technology transformation is taking place, by which we need to drive it to empower ourselves. Like it’s said, all the housewives must get the aforementioned gadgets and add to their kitchenware to make their tedious cooking process a breeze, save time and efforts, which can actually be better used in creating great culinary experiences.

Rather than walking to store by store, one can now place an order from renowned e-stores like Amazon and Flipkart, at the comfort of their home.

Let’s welcome happy and healthier cooking!


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