20 To-Dos For 2020 – A Complete Self Care Guide Designed Just For You

With the dawn of a New Year come New Year resolutions. For some, it is about waking up before sunrise, while for others it is about hitting the gym each day.

The first week is all about hardcore discipline and dedication towards one’s resolutions. However, as weeks pass by, resolutions start turning into a long lost distant dream. Either you completely forget about their existence or push them to the following year.

One of the main reasons behind this lapse is that there is no real depth or meaning to the resolution chosen by you.

In order to shape your life better and make the most out of your resolutions, it is vital that you opt for something more concrete, meaningful and achievable. “SELF CARE” is exactly what you need.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and make “SELF CARE” your first most resolution for 2020.

Take a Look at 20 Self-Care Ideas, which will Help You Create the Best Version of You.


Begin with some “ME TIME” For most of you, a major part of your day is spent behind other people and routine chores.

In this process, you have forgotten one very important person, which is “YOU”. What 2020 expects out of you is to keep aside a certain amount of time each day, to speak to yourself, to admire yourself and most importantly to love yourself.

Let this Me Time lay more emphasis on introspection. Find out for yourself what you enjoy doing the most. Once you have your answers, make sure you engage in that activity or with those people a little more this year.

Eat Right

Self Care lays a major focus on one’s physical and mental well-being. One of the best ways of managing your overall health is to eat right. You need to interact with your body and make sure that you are eating the right foods, at the right time and in the right quantity.

You need to avoid falling prey to fad diets and instead adopt healthy eating habits. Your agenda each day should be to consume a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet.

However, it is okay to cheat once in a while. After all, it is important to neither curb nor over do your cravings.

Workout Well

Workout Well

Your self-care goal is indeed incomplete if you skip “staying active” from your to-do list.

It is important that you get some amount of exercise each day. Based on your fitness levels and amount of free time in hand, you can settle for a workout that comes close to your liking and you thoroughly enjoy doing.

You can even sign up for group workout classes for some additional motivation.

Walk whenever and wherever possible

If you have decided to walk a few miles each day or to take the stairs wherever possible, it’s a battle half won for you as far as self care goals are concerned.

One of the easier ways to include this habit in your daily ritual is to walk to work, take an afternoon stroll during your lunch hour or simply ditch the office elevator.



Tips for Self Care can only be complete; if meditation is made a part of one’s everyday life. This is because meditation quiets your mind and calms you down. When practiced repeatedly, it helps in improving the quality of one’s life. You do not need any special place or equipment for meditation.

All you need to do is find a quiet place or a dark room, close your eyes, play soothing music and put a brake on the many thoughts that are racing through your mind.

Pursue a Hobby

There is at least one such thing that each one of us thoroughly enjoys doing. This is subsequently termed as one’s hobbies. Say you like reading books, listening to music, gardening, painting, writing and so on and so forth. In 2020, be certain to find your calling and start working in that direction.


You may not have everything that you have ever desired, but you certainly have many such things and people in your life, who keep adding to the beauty of your life. So, when you wake up each day, don’t forget to pray for all those beautiful people and things. Remember to be grateful for all your blessings.


Value Relationships

Self Care largely revolves around valuing the many relationships that form a part of your life. If you sit and give this a thought, you will quickly nod in agreement that you have been taking all your relationships way too casually.

There may have been instances wherein you have taken people, who love and care for you way too granted. Let this year be about reversing your incorrect actions. Let all your special people know their worth.

Prepare a To-Do list

Each day there are so many things that we are expected to take care of. All these activities fall in the range of very important to least important. Hence, preparing a priority list becomes vital.

This year make sure that you have a self planner in place. Create a daily or weekly to-do list and keep a check on how much you are really getting done each day.

Keep a Journal

Yet another way of keeping a track of your progress with regards to your self-care goals is to journal your day to day activities. Every day at night makes it a point to sit with your journal and note down all those things that went as per plan and all others that were left unattended. This will, in turn, help you to better understand your behavioral pattern.

Meet New People

You can further develop yourself by breaking the ice with people you have avoided interacting in the past or meeting new people altogether.

If this is done, you will be exposed to multiple mindsets, ideas, and insights. This will, in turn, make you a well-rounded personality.

Take Up Challenges

Let 2020 be the year, where you decide to take onto the world by facing your fears and trying things that you have never done before.

This tiny step will help you to build your confidence and make you feel good from within. Be it the fear of heights or that of water, be a fighter and face your fright.

Be the Helping Hand

Helping Hand
Helping Hand

The moment you understand the importance of being compassionate and giving, you turn into this grown, mature and sensible human.

As a part of your self-care transformation, learn to be considerate towards those in need. Remember, small acts of kindness will take you a long way in life.

Smile – A Little too Often

One of the easiest expressions that you can ever carry is a wide smile on your face. Even if, it isn’t the best day of your life, make it a point to wear a smile consciously.

By doing this, you will not just be lifting your own mood, but at the same time, you will be spreading some positive vibes to people in and around you.

Treat Yourself

Self care
Self care

You need not always give a treat or a gift to another person. As a part of your self-care journey, learn to invest on yourself.

You can either treat yourself to a nice brunch, a spa treatment, a movie or simply go ahead and buy a few nice clothes. These actions are sure to give you the next level feeling altogether.

Stay Updated

It is somewhat essential to be well educated about things happening in and around us. Staying updated is sure to help you in a big way. So in 2020, lay your focus on being well-read.

Do not hesitate to ask questions. Go that extra mile to gather additional information. By doing this, you are sure to feel accomplished.

Clear the Clutter

Though clutter makes you feel very much at home, don’t forget that one of the main reasons behind your life being highly unorganized is due to the clutter that you have been living with for years.

First thing first, do away with items, which have been sitting unused for ages. As you proceed, be brave to clean up your emotional clutter as well.

Spend Wisely

Self Care is primarily about feeling good inside out. It goes without saying that it will be difficult for you to fully feel good about yourself if your financials are unsorted and monetarily you are in the dark.

This is why; it is crucial to spend cautiously. You need not be a miser, but at the same time, you should avoid overspending.

Do not Punish yourself

Once you decide to set out on your self-care journey, it is important for you to understand the importance of forgiveness. As a human, you will not be able to fulfill all that you expect from yourself at all times.

This year, practice to be easy on yourself. Do not punish yourself for the mistakes you make. Instead, embrace them and learn from them.

Avoid Procrastination

As you take baby steps towards your self-care transformation, remember not all days are the same. You may not always be able to do 100% justice to all that you wish to achieve.

However, let this not stop you from moving towards your goals. Even if you falter, be willing to start afresh the next day. All said and done, do not procrastinate your self-care needs to the next year.

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