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The Ill-Made Mute (The Bone Angel #1) by Josiah Bancroft

Synopsis: The Ill-made Mute, the first volume in a new fantasy duology by author Josiah Bancroft, tells the story of Eremul, an ill-made mute slave with latent magical powers who unexpectedly finds himself at the heart of a vast political struggle. A warrior priest who rules over millions has foreseen his own death and sent scores of agents scouring the globe for a possible heir. Meanwhile, deep within a mountain fastness laced with paths only accessible to those who cannot die, something stirs. And waiting in the shadows is a woman with grand ambitions.

“This smashing debut fantasy from Josiah Bancroft features a cast of morally ambiguous characters, an original and striking magic system, and a story that starts off running at full speed before gradually building to an earth-shattering climax.” [source]   

Description (seen on Amazon): In the city of Shadow, beneath the World Spire, there lies a cell in which a man has been confined for two hundred years. A man named Dunstan Thorn…a man who possesses forbidden knowledge from ages long forgotten—knowledge of a weapon more powerful than any ever created: a legendary axe known as Dragon’s Death. Because of his crime—the nature of which he refuses to reveal—Dunstan has no right to the secrets he holds, or to all that he could accomplish with them.

But his daughter has long believed him innocent…and now someone else believes it as well. Someone whose motives are far more deadly than even Dunstan suspects.

Someone who will do anything—destroy anyone—to acquire the power locked away in this cell.

And whoever succeeds will plunge the Eastern Realm into a war like nothing seen before, unless Dunstan’s mysterious daughter can stop them…  

Trivia: If you’re interested, Josiah Bancroft also wrote several other books (under the pen name “T C Southwell”), including The Hunter’s Kind , which was released earlier this year or late last year.

Release date: February 5th 2022

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